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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Special Attention regarding billing for retreats

A number of deacons/deacon couples choose to pay for their retreats directly instead of having their parishes pay the fees.  They often request the Retreat Committee to bill them directly instead of the parish, unfortunately due to the large number of registrations and many changes made throughout the year, it is not possible for us to bill individual deacons directly any longer.  Effective with the 2018 registrations please contact your parish administrator if you wish to make such an arrangement.

If it is your decision to pay for your retreat yourself, then you should reimburse your parish directly for the associated fees, which for the 2018 retreat year are:
Deacon Couple: $675.00
Single Deacon:  $550.00

Thank you for your understanding.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

St. Andrew's Abbey, Valyermo - ENGLISH - January 26-28, 2018

Retreat Dates: January 26-28, 2018
Retreat Director: Fr. Francis Benedict

1. Deacon John Barry (Single)
2. Deacon Jesus and Eloisa Pasos
3. Deacon Matthew and Kim Nguyen
4. Deacon Andrew and Cecilia Cho
5. Deacon Rolando and Barbara Bautista
6. Deacon Richard and Ann Pomphrey
7. Deacon Richard and Darlene Boucher
8. Deacon Ignacio and Alma Ixta
9. Deacon Charles and Karlene Wessler
11. Deacon Louis Roche (Single)
12. Deacon Sonal and Menik Seneviratne
13. Deacon Long and Kimloan Nguyen

St. Andrew's Abbey, Valyermo - ENGLISH - April 13-15, 2018

Retreat Dates: April 13-15, 2018
Retreat Director: Fr. Luke Dysinger

1. Deacon Mark Banda (Single)
2. Deacon Chris and Kitty Ryan
3. Deacon Dale and Linda Reynolds
4. Deacon Larry and Jan McGloin
5. Deacon Serj and Alice Harutunian
6. Deacon Mark and Maureen Orcutt
7. Deacon Juan Alfonso and Nena Navarro
8. Deacon Frank and Marsha Gonzalez
9. Deacon Jim and Karen Allgaier
10. Deacon Gene and Peggy Gleason
11. Deacon Santiago and Lupe Salas - (Requesting ADA Room - room 17)
12. Deacon Ron and Leslie Elchert
13. Deacon David and Lisa Rose
14. Deacon Derrel and Marie Craig (Not Attending as of 4/9/18)
15. Deacon Orlando and Rita Rubio
16. Deacon Alfonso and Jo Ann Guilin
17. Deacon Brian & Esperanza Conroy
18. Deacon Neon and Fe Recuenco
19. Deacon Dale and Angela Taufer (Kirby Room)

Vina de Lestonnac, Temecula - ENGLISH - July 6-8, 2018

Retreat Dates: July 6-8, 2018
Retreat Director: Fr. Greg Adolf

Retreat is Full

1. Fr. Greg Adolf
2. Deacon Chuck and Marge Baker
3. Deacon Shane and Olga Cuda
4. Deacon Dave and Rita Estrada
5. Deacon Mike and Martha Hidalgo
6. Deacon Bob and Patty Miller
7. Deacon Arturo and Marilu Barragan
8. Deacon Ike and Shari Edie
9. Deacon Al and Francine Valles
10. Deacon Paul and Keena Mae Rayas
11. Deacon David and Angie Munoz
12. Deacon Don and Tina Gath
13. Deacon Santiago and Virginia Gorospe
14. Deacon Rudy and Monique Leyva
15. Deacon Tom and Patricia Halliwell
16. Deacon Ron and Carol Butler
17. Deacon Raymond and Ramona Vasquez
18. Deacon Steve and Rose Hillmann
19. Deacon Tim and Pat Roberto
20. Deacon Craig and Ann Marie Siegman
21. Sue Cunneen and Tita Guzman (Deacon Widows)
22. Deacon John Horn (Host)
23. Deacon Vince and Marilou Crawford
24. Deacon Fred and Joann Lara
25. Deacon Robert and Marie Schaefer
26. Deacon Victor and Dolly Tiambeng

1. Deacon Rafael Victorin
2. Marge Patterson (Deacon Widow)
3. Deacon Wayne Rascati

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ventura - ENGLISH - September 28-30, 2018

Retreat Dates: September 28-30, 2018
Retreat Director: Fr. Jim Clarke

1. Fr. Jim Clarke (Single)
2. Deacon Shane and Olga Cuda
3. Deacon Sam and Teresa Montoya
4. Deacon Brian and Sherry Clements
5. Deacon Gabe and Maria Saavedra
6. Deacon Omar and Sheila Uriarte
7. Deacon Dale and Kim Sheckler
8. Deacon Alan and Holly Holderness
9. Deacon Larry and Betty Modugno
10. Deacon Joe and Rita Domond
11. Deacon Ron and Barbara Sanchez
12. Deacon Dennis and Christina Shin
13. Deacon Roland and Lila Abalos
14. Deacon Neil and Pamela Kingsley
15. Deacon Amante and Christina Pulido
16. Deacon Mike Betliskey (Single) - Requires ADA Accommodations
17. Deacon Ricardo and Sylvia Copon
18. Deacon Dick and Pat Noon
19. Deacon Steve and Marilyn Marsh
20. Deacon Walt and Sue Lauderdale
21. Deacon Jesse and Soledad Batacan
22. Deacon Robert Maciel (Single)
23. Deacon Richard and Diane Carmody
24. Deacon Peter and Teresa Chu
25. Deacon Joe and Betty Kennedy
26. Deacon Luc and Diana Papillon
27. Deacon Phil and Terri Conforti
28. Deacon Jim and Teresa Carper
29. Deacon Ed and Kate Mills
30. Deacon Michael and Lauren Burns
31. Deacon Dan and Cathy Bojorquez
32. Deacon Jay and Candy Krueger
33. Deacon Milton and Virginia Rosenberg
34. Deacon George and Mary Ann Bednar
35. Deacon Jim and Didi Egnatuk
36. Deacon Michael and Donna Holguin
37. Deacon Phil and Rene Luevanos
38. Deacon Jim and Carmen Robinson
39. Deacon Sergio and Patricia Perez
40. Deacon Arnie and Zoila Lopez
41. Deacon Mitch and Soledad Ito
42. Deacon Mike and Rose Salcido
43. Deacon Mike and Darlene Finocchiaro
44. Deacon Ruben and Hilda Ochoa
45. Deacon Pat and Jerie Coulter
46. Deacon Joseph and Terry Bernal
47. Deacon Dan and Laurie Wallace
48. Deacon Roger and Mary Ellen Faubert
49. Deacon Thien and Hanh Pham
50. Deacon Phil and Mary Nelson
51. Deacon Joseph and Audrey Hamamoto
52. Deacon Roberto and Velia Vazquez
53. Deacon Guillermo and Sylvia Betancourt
54. Deacon Rey and Lally Guiao
55. Deacon Tomas and Sylvia Garcia
56. Deacon Doug and Dolores Jones
57. Deacon Stephen and Silvia Montross
58. Deacon Ed and Lupe Vega
59. Deacon Pedro Lira (Single)
60. Deacon Maselino and Makelita Alefosio
61. Deacon Phil and Mari Joerger
62. Deacon Bob and Pon Seidler
63. Deacon Jorge and Amelia Ramos
64. Deacon Ricardo and Isela Mora
65. Deacon Dave and Deirdre Smith
69. Deacon Steve and Rose Hillmann - Retreat Staff
70. Deacon Tim and Pat Roberto - Retreat Staff

Courtyard Marriott Hotel, Oxnard - ENGLISH - October 19-21, 2018

Retreat Dates: October 19-21, 2018
Retreat Director: Fr. Paolo Garcia
NOTE: Please read the information on the main Blog Page, regarding our newly added priest who now joins our retreat director team.  He is a great addition!
The link is: http://ladeaconretreats.blogspot.com

1. Fr. Paolo Garcia (Single)
2. Deacon John and Paula Kruer
3. Deacon Trinidad Andrade (Single)
4. Deacon Randy and Michelle Saake
5. Deacon Henry and Rocio Barajas
6. Deacon Paul and Michelle Pesqueira
7. Deacon Don and Marcia Burt
8. Deacon Joe and Anita Flores
9. Deacon Gary and Kay Mallaley
10. Deacon Jose and Debra Siordia
11. Deacon Joe and Dianne Lumsdaine
12. Deacon Romeo and Priscilla Ligot
13. Deacon Peter and Janet Brause
14. Deacon Ryan and Wynsdey Adams
15. Deacon Vincent Kelch (Single) - Not staying at hotel
16. Deacon Raymond and Denise Camacho
44. Deacon Steve and Rose Hillmann - Retreat Staff
45. Deacon Tim and Pat Roberto - Retreat Staff

Mary and Joseph Retreat Center, Rancho Palos Verdes - SPANISH - April 13-15, 2018

Retreat is Full
Retreat Dates: April 13-15, 2018
Retreat Director: Dr. Jose Antonio Medina SThD

1. Deacon Francisco and Claudia Padilla
2. Deacon Aurelio and Blanca Macias
3. Deacon Jose Raul and Rosario Gonzalez
4. Deacon Salvador and Maria Aviles
5. Deacon Miguel and Ana Maria Romero
6. Deacon Pedro and Maria Luisa Chacon
7. Deacon Faustino and Victoria Ciau
8. Deacon Humberto and Francisca Guzman
9. Deacon Francisco and Herminia Gonzalez
10. Deacon Efrain and Dolores Calderon
11. Deacon Agustin and Veronica Jimenez
12. Deacon Roger and Maria Gomez
13. Deacon Roberto and Natalia Chevez
14. Deacon Carlos Castro
15. Deacon Felipe and Margaret Guzman
16. Deacon Elvys and Ana Perez
17. Deacon Jose and Belen Gallegos
18. Deacon Jose and Felicitas Ortiz
19. Deacon Angel and Rosa Rodriguez
20. Deacon Mauricio and Gilma Guerra
21. Deacon Juan and Sandra Quiju
22. Deacon Marvin and Maria Castillo
23. Deacon Jose Luis and Maria Diaz
24. Deacon William and Maria Landa
25. Deacon Miguel and Imelda Vargas
26. Deacon Roberto and Maria Hernandez
27. Deacon Anacleto and Lidia Mendoz
28. Deacon Jose and Maria Sedano

1. Deacon Carlos Magos
2. Dr. Jose Medina (Retreat Director)
3. Deacon Juan Corletto (Host)
4. Deacon Gilbert Castro

Mary and Joseph Retreat Center, Ranco Palos Verdes - SPANISH - May 18-20, 2018

Retreat Dates: May 18-20, 2018
Retreat Director: Fr. Eugenio Cardenas

1. Fr. Eugenio Cardenas (Retreat Director)
2. Deacon Jesus and Raquel Fernandez
3. Deacon Rogelio and Yolanda Ramirez
4. Deacon Juan and Norma Garcia
5. Deacon Jose and Maria Guadamuz
6. Deacon Raul and Juana Chavez
7. Deacon John and Nellfa Salazar
8. Deacon Jorge and Juanita Perez
9. Deacon Jose and Celina Rodriguez
10. Deacon Cecillio and Maria Pena - (Did not attend)
11. Deacon Miguel and Maria Galvez
12. Deacon Oscar and Candy Corcios
13. Deacon Rogelio and Librada Pardo
14. Deacon Alfonso and Alicia Castillo
15. Deacon Ricardo and Delfina Recinos
16. Deacon Eudoro and Eleana Benalcazar (Host Couple)
17. Deacon Hector and Rayito Ruelas
18. Deacon Carlos and Yolanda Madrigal
19. Deacon Carlos and Linda Rivas
20. Deacon Marco and Martina Garcia
21. Deacon Fermin and Olga Herrera
22. Deacon Manuel and Luz Chavez
23. Deacon Pedro and Margarita DeLeon
24. Deacon Miguel and Maria Martinez
25. Deacon Juan and Ana Ascencio
26. Deacon Victor and Angelina Cruz

1. Deacon Ruben Guerra
2. Deacon Eduardo Castillo
3. Deacon Antonio Huerta

Poverello of Assisi Retreat House, San Fernando - SPANISH - July 27-29, 2018

Retreat Dates: July 27-29, 2018
Retreat Director:  Fr. Juan Ochoa

1. Fr. Juan Ochoa
2. Deacon Alberto and Gloria Reyes
3. Deacon Guido and Violeta Zamalloa
4. Deacon Angel and Rosa Rodriguez
5. Deacon Miguel and Sebastiana Cruz
6. Deacon Pedro and Evangelena Rojas
7. Deacon Bernardo and Maria Zavala
8. Deacon Jose and Rita Penate
9. Deacon Jose de Jesus and Veronica Lopez
10. Deacon Claudio Selame (Single)
11. Deacon Mario and Natividad Mejia
12. Deacon Jose Benavides (Single)
15. Deacon Eudoro and Eleana Benalcazar (Host Couple)

Courtyard Marriott Hotel, Oxnard - SPANISH - October 19-21, 2018

Retreat Dates: October 19-21, 2018
Retreat Director: Fr. Richard Vega

1.Fr. Richard Vega (Single)
2. Deacon Miguel and Senaida Marquez
3. Deacon Francisco and Indiana Brenes
4. Deacon Roberto and Enedina Gonzalez
5. Deacon Sergio and Arcelia Islas
6. Deacon Mauricio and Gilma Guerra Ramos (2nd Retreat)
7. Deacon Adan and Ma Victoria Garcia
8. Deacon Rito and Sylvia Lopez
9. Deacon Jesus and Sonia Villegas
10. Deacon Fernando and Veronica Calderon
11. Deacon Jesus and Dora Rico
12. Deacon Doroteo and Bertha Gonzalez
13. Deacon Alfonso and Carmen Flores
14. Deacon Miguel and Senaida Marquez
15. Deacon Jose Noe and Angelica Morales
16. Deacon Jose and Martha Ojeda
17. Deacon Sergio and Ana Bertha Bernal
18. Deacon Rogelio and Emilia Garcia
19. Deacon Mario and Irene Lopez
20. Deacon Antonio and Rosario Mejia
21. Deacon Alfredo and Marta Espinosa
25. Deacon Eudoro and Elena Benalcazar - Spanish Retreat Staff